Welcome Former Athenians, Class Of '67

Jim Anglin
Tom Burns
Russ Catterson
Jim Clements
Bev Cope Harpel
Lynn Cullings Thompson
Linda Curran Burnette
Gary Davidson
Dean Decker
Ruth Dickerson Smith
Gary Dickson
Steve Dutcher
Tony Dossett
Linda Elless Little
Denny Eskew
Todd Fisher
Susie Fitzsimmons Chrisman
Jim Fitzwater
Charlotte Froedge Scott
Judy Fox Todd
Max Fuller
Mike Gleason
Sandy Sikes Gray
Rich Hart
Vicki Hesler Bell
John Hill
Connie Hoffman Smith
Sherry Hunt Allen
Terry Jackson
Joyce Fine Jeffers
Penny McCloud Kadinger
Sam & Becky Kirtley
Dale McCormick
Chuck McGee
Chris Langsford Mason
Mike Mayfield
Lynn Mercer Michaud
Rick Moore
Bob Milam
Sheila Myers Sowers
Loralee Paith Bennett
Joe Phares
Joe Pierce
Sally Price Chamness
Dusty Rhodes
Judy Roach Duthu
Garry Robertson
Tom Runge
Kevin Runion
Mike Schulte
Jody Simms Burks
Phil Smith
RC Snyder
Dan Sommers
Larry Southwood
Rick Sowers
Andy Stewart
Kay Stewart Carver
Dave Switzer
John Tolley
Tom & Shirley Vannice
Jerry Walters
Larry Weaver
Skeet Weliver
Susan Wheeler Miles
Dan Wilbur
Gay Wood Mullins
Jim Zach
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